Very first entry

Hello, I am a 45 year old single mom living in Arkansas; more about that later.  I find that as the years go on, I am more full of ideas and opinions, of which most folks don’t want to hear.

Most days, my head is full to the brim with thoughts and buzzing with different scenarios of how I experience life.  I find it hard to turn off my thoughts and therefore am going to try to type down my daily mental chatter to see if I can make any headway or progress.

I really would like to say that this will be a positive blog, but I know that there is so much that disappoints me in life, so there will be some shocking revelations…  One shocking revelation is that I don’t feel men have the capability to be truly honest and mature.  There are always excuses for the shoddy treatment they give women, but God forbid a woman not treat her man with the utmost in respect and admiration.  Of course there are women that are equally as immature and childish, but I usually see it in the men I know…  Take my ex.  Before the ink was even dry on our divorce, he was already involved with a young lady in her 20’s.

Hell, take my father who refuses to have anything to do with me because of some unknown beef he has with me.  That is a very selfish man… 

I believe there is hope with every day and there is hope for humanity.  Maybe even, there is hope for Arkansas.  Although I would rather be almost anywhere else right now… 

What I will be blogging about includes daily views on the world, maybe politics (I am not republican), my children and possibly the marginalizing of women through relationships.  I for one do not need a relationship and don’t think I need to put up with anger issues, jealousy, fibbing, control issues and generally being available 24/7 while the male counterpart doesn’t need to abide by these rules…  I don’t appreciate hypocrites… 


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